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Our first collection of 8799 unique NFTs launched in December 2021! Each unique mavatar (that’s what we call them) generates passive income through transaction-based rewards.

Here's how that works:

Our rewards pool is based on a Smart Contract that collects royalties coming from DeFi transactions of our token and allocates them according to the distinctive DNA of each Mavatar.

Want to read more about the contract? Check out the litepaper and github:

The MVTX collection, our
Reward-based NFTs

Our first NFTs collection, the MVTX has a DNA. Each Mavatars' DNA is divided into 8 attributes and one “ethnicity” which is their rarity. With different rarity types, from common to rarest, comes a higher or lower value:

Buy your own NFT to join the Mavatrix and get immediate rewards:

Devil Tail
Female Hair

Chibi #83


Here’s all the places you can get our NFTs from:

Past, Present and Future
of Mavatrix

Take a friend, share with him an incredible passion for crypto, gaming, and Japanese culture, add a great team of veterans from the Fintech, Blockchain, and gaming industries with the goal of closing the gap between NFT enthusiasts and gamers and this is more or less how the story of Mavatrix began.

The long-term purpose of the project is to launch an IGO (Initial Game Offering) for the second phase of Mavatrix: the launch of our gacha game for web, mobile, and VR becoming the first gacha game on the blockchain and on VR!

Our games will be playable on Browser, Mobile, & OCULUS VR!

Want to be one of the first to know when we launch our game? Sign up to participate in our Alpha community and you could win an Oculus Quest 2!

The Game: Mint,
Play & Earn on the

Our Game will be revolutionary! Playable both on a browser and mobile with MINIGAMES, designed to be fun and easy, and more importantly on the Mavatrix METAVERSE (the MaVaVerse) with the OCULUS VR!

Yes, we will have our game on the metaverse! How??

The second NFT Collection: The playable Mavatars!

Our second NFT collection will feature playable avatars that you’ll be able to use in-game or to sell inside the community or outside on secondary marketplaces such as the Binance NFT marketplace.

We will launch our second drop and the Metaverse game via IGO! Stay tuned, don’t miss out on the latest updates:

How does the

Our game will be playable both on a browser and on the Metaverse and by playing the game you’ll be able to earn continuously for just having fun! By winning and playing you’ll raise your ranking points and get access to periodical prizes based on the highest rankings.

Our players will be rewarded through our MVX Token which will be the base currency of the whole Mavatrix Ecosystem!


On the app marketplace, you’ll be able to mint your own avatar and buy exclusive power-ups and accessories! The world of Mavatars awaits you!


Mavatrix will launch its own metaverse on browser and VR. Our users will be able to buy lands and meet new people in the digital world of Mavatrix!


On the Mavaverse you can play multiple mini-games with your Mavatar! We will be launching many games, each one will earn you ranking points and gain access to exclusive prizes!


By earning ranking points you climb the game rankings and you get access to fashion battles for exclusive prizes, such as power-ups, tokens, accessories, and much more.


Only the best will be joining the battles, prepare your Mavatar to win amazing prizes. You can also bet your Mavatar as a prize!

The MVX token

The token contract, which is the Tokenomic foundation of the project, implements token reflection functions as well as a locked pool for Mavatrix (MVTX) NFT token holders:

Besides the major in-game function of the MVX token, you’ll be able to earn rewards by staking your tokens!

Don’t know what staking is? Sign up to the Mavatrix Academy and find out 👇🏻

Buy MVX here!

Connect your wallet to get your MVX
tokens and join the Mavaverse:

Open Dapp

...or buy it on PancakeSwap:

Don’t know how? Watch the tutorial:

Confused? Join our Academy:
Learn & Earn!

Learn how to buy the MVX, about our NFTs, and everything you need to know about Crypto, Blockchain, Staking, and Mavatrix in general! You will be well rewarded for your time!

Here are some of the things
that you’ll learn:

  • What is the blockchain?
  • About Cryptocurrencies
  • Why do you need crypto and blockchain?
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BSC compared
  • What is a smart contract?
  • ...and much more!

The more people you bring,
the higher the rewards!

Join the Mav-Academy completely for free and challenge yourself by taking the quiz at the end of each lesson.

Game lore

Once upon a time, in a parallel world, there was a universe where chibis akin to humans, the same that you know today by the name of Mavatars, prospered in harmony.

Then, one day, their whole world has turned upside down: otherwordly beings summoned them into a parallel world called the Mavatrix where they are kept under control.

In this universe, the Mavatars compete in order to become the most beautiful and unique being in the Mavaverse.

Through, mini-games and “fashion fights”, each Mavatar can become more and more beautiful, unique, and valuable getting amazing rewards!

Join the MaVaVerse!


Here are some of the top Frequently Asked Questions:



Launch of the NFTs Collection


Launch of the Token on a DeX

MARCH 2022

Starting the rewarding process for the NFT owners!

MARCH 2022

  • Listing MVX on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko
  • the MVTX NFT collection is on the Binance NFT Marketplace!

2022 Q3

  • Launching Mavatrix Academy
  • MVX token launches on Centralised Exchanges (CEX)
  • Minigames launch

2022 Q4

  • Mavatrix Staking launch
  • 1st Minting phase of second playable Mavatars begins


  • Launch of the IGO
  • Launch of Oculus VR games


We’re fully doxxed!

Giulio Gagliano

Executive Officer

Jonas Canta

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Cezalyn Gomba

Visual and Media Creator

Andrea De Francisci

Operations Manager

Antonio Leotta

Head of Sales Europe

Andrea Concari

Technology Officer



“Now that we’ve launched on Binance NFT Marketplace, the next step is to work hard to turn what a few months ago seemed just a dream into reality:
launching the first gacha game on the blockchain.”

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